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the engagement business

Profit from deeper engagement with your customers and employees

Is your vision to truly differentiate your business from its competitors? To deliver propositions customers will pay more for, rather than compete on price? To create genuine loyalty rather than rely on inertia?

Then engage oko. We'll work inside and outside of your business - using our skills in research, innovation and consulting - to help you turn your vision into reality.

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Outside is all about immersion. Getting into your customers' shoes, experiencing your proposition and the world as they do, feeling what they're feeling and thinking what they're thinking. When you connect in this way, you can begin to re-shape your business in genuinely different ways.
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Inside is all about connections. Making sure that your employees are fully connected to your vision and strategy, connected to each other - both inside and outside of their immediate teams - and connected to your customers.
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Deep employee engagement

A business that employees can believe in, where their actions and input are valued and add real value to the organisation and its objectives

Connected vision and strategy

Knowing where you want to get to, and understanding how to get there - as an organisation, a division or a team - and feeling a strong sense of connection to the journey and the destination

Customer-connected business

Deep empathy for the customer embedded within the organisation, that informs strategic change, development and innovation, as well as the ways in which the business interacts with its customers day-to-day

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Need to go deeper? oko's research goes deeper to identify the connection points between people - whether they are customers, employees or other stakeholders - and brands, and the experiences they deliver. These deep connection points give meaning to the relationship between people and the brand. Brands can create deeper engagement by creating relationships, communications and propositions that tap into this meaning.
Want to go further? We use research insight as a stimulus for doing things within your organisation - we're driven by more than knowing, our aim is to help you take action. We use our expertise in engagement to get buy-in, our creative skills to turn insights into ideas, and our business, coaching and consulting skills to turn ideas into actions that are realistic and commercial.
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All clear? We recognise that great research needs to be expertly communicated if it is to have impact on your organisation and people. We also recognise that our clients are looking for direction, not equivocation, and we are committed to being bold and showing a clear and achievable way forward.
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  • strategy and direction
  • coaching
  • advanced analysis
  • mobile research
  • quantitive research
  • experience mapping
  • multi touch-point research
  • action planning
  • implementation support
  • development and testing
  • data mining
  • creative workshops
  • shadowing
  • communications
  • co-creation
  • longitudinal research
  • training and consulting
  • live-prototyping
  • exploratory workshops
  • immersion
  • opportunity mapping
  • ethnography
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We live, breathe and love what we do. And we're constantly thinking about how we can do it better. You can check back here to read, hear about and watch what we're thinking and doing now.

From the blog...

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Don't just take our word for it, have a look at some examples of our work. We're very proud of the impact we make, and the value our clients are able to create through our work with them.
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OUTSIDE Social media and marketing strategy - b2b

Marketing strategy overhaul Internal mapping External mapping Connected map A defined prospect to customer journey, identifying key needs for information and interaction at each point, designed to encourage the prospect along the path towards purchase

Also ask us about.... marketing strategy for an investment bank; information / content needs across a range of b2b markets; business and professional search.

"Calm, intelligent and incisive, always picking exactly the right moment to make exactly the right point"

OUTSIDE Brand development - investment banking

Modernising the brand Deep customer/ prospect immersion Ideation Redefined brand concepts reflecting unconscious and emotional, as well as rational, drivers of customer decision-making in relation to investments

Also ask us about.... marketing strategy for a private bank; branding for an online search service, branding in the personal care market.

"Challenged our thinking"

OUTSIDE Customer experience - business information

Inconsistent service experiences CE Champions set-up Focus on a first market Roll-out across the organisation A consistent way of thinking about and delivering positive customer experiences across diverse products and markets, without the need for extensive consultancy intervention

Also ask us about.... customer loyalty for a mobile telecoms business, an insurance company, a building society and a global airline.

"Put their heart and soul into every project"

OUTSIDE Innovation - media

Opportunities for growth Discovery Development Delivery New income-generating business

Also ask us about.... innovation in road transport, retail banking, science, publishing, agriculture.

"These propositions are genuinely different from what we would have come up with ourselves..."

OUTSIDE Customer loyalty - insurance

Tracking to action Deep research Action New ways of communicating with customers using style/ language which is driven by how customers understand the relationship and their journey with the client organisation.

Also ask us about.... service improvement in mobile telecoms, action planning for a manufacturer, loyalty in banking, customer-centric business transformation in telecoms.

"Strong recommendations and really well communicated back to us"

OUTSIDE Opportunity identification - law

Forward strategy Cross-market research Action A robust market map giving the business a clear strategic framework for development over the next 2 years

Also ask us about.... opportunity identification in inter-banking transactions, financial IT, IT services, mobile telecoms .

"Our MD was very impressed with you as an organisation..."

OUTSIDE Customer relationships - retail and private banking

Creating customer relationships Internal research Customer research Qualitative and quantitative interviews with customers to provide Action A customer-driven strategy for business improvement

Also ask us about.... customer relationship research in the airline industry, for a software business, for an IT hardware business, for a pub chain.

"A proper, customer-centric strategic framework for our business..."

OUTSIDE Innovation - science publisher

Differentiating the business Opportunity mapping Market research Ideation New income-generating businesses

Also ask us about.... innovation in road transport, retail banking, personal care, publishing, agriculture.

"Great communicators and extremely creative and inventive..."

INSIDE Internal vision and strategy - publishing

Significant business challenges Internal fact-finding mission Workshop with the team Re-orientated strategic vision. Strategic and tactical action plan for the team, with individual application, to enable them to achieve this vision. An internal consulting team who can stay relevant and add value to the business as it changes.

Also ask us about.... Customer centric team building for a telecoms business; facilitated brand mapping for a business publisher; strategy consultation in the education sector.

"Definitely added value to our business over the years."

INSIDE Account management strategy - telecoms

Fast-growing business Interviews with account managers Interviews with clients A reinvented account management strategy. A standardised pack of communications and marketing materials. A defined contact strategy. Overall, a consistent approach to account management delivering a coherent client experience.

Also ask us about.... More effective sales techniques for technology business sales team; tech hardware support improvement; better relationship management in private banking

"Get people enthused, keen to be creative and think differently, and put ideas into action."

INSIDE Customer centricity - telecoms

Sales orientated business Customer engagement training Implementation of an effective product development and customer management strategy A structure through which to bring customer insight into the business in a sustainable way, and to use this as stimulus to drive the business forward away from a sales-only culture towards a more effective sales and retain approach

Also ask us about.... Customer panel for a telecoms business, activity cycle research for a b2b business, customer loyalty research for an industrial manufacturer.

"Excellent... "out of the box" thinkers... Sharp and thoughtful approach."

INSIDE Restructure - marketing

Major business change Interviews with marketing team Interviews with internal clients A clear vision for the business function. Defined roles for people within the business. New ways of engaging with internal clients.

Also ask us about.... Coaching employees on empathy skills; business improvement workshops; restructure of an internal creative department.

"I would not hesitate to recommend them"


We work collaboratively. Our team, our clients, their employees, customers and prospects are all part of this collaboration, each participant's contribution is equally valued and forms part of the overall solution for our client's business. We believe that everyone involved in our projects - whether from inside or outside of your organisation - should be enthused and inspired by the experience. Our clients' customers enjoy participating in our research projects, and our clients' employees often experience significant personal and professional change and development as a result of their involvement.

We also take wider participation seriously. Outside of oko, our people are involved in a range of social, charity and educational projects as volunteers, and every year we give a proportion of oko's profits to children's charities.

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We're a crack team of specialists, with a passion for creative use of insights and an unswerving focus on commercial outcomes.
Jeremy Rix
Find out more about Jeremy
About Jeremy - Graduate trained in a top 3 research agency. Running successful consultancies since 2000. Advising from Insight-Level to C-Level. Most likely to be working on transformational customer loyalty programmes, £multi-million new business launches, significant service innovations and insight-driven employee change, and loving it! Find me on Linkedin.
oko team
  • Caroline - Impassioned innovator
  • Martine - Facilitation fanatic
  • Vaughan - Marketing maestro
  • Carl - Sales superman
  • Illugi - Creative catalyst
  • Choee - Digital diva
  • Rachel - Cool colaborator
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